The Fir at Pier 38 and the Port of San Francisco

Curt Lind has a verbal lease agreement with Carl Ernst who is the master lease holder of pier 38. In 2011 the Port forced Carl and his sub lease holders off the Pier claiming the Pier to be unsafe. The legal details of this can be found in Carls complaint to the court with further details at the SF Courts web site. this complaint makes excellent reading and illustrates the serious lack of interest the Port of SF has in keeping the public trust.

Curt Lind's case against the port is here cross complaint of Curt Lind against the Port. The Port has proven to think itself above the law by turning off power, water, and access in an attempt to drive the residents of the Fir off the ship. We are lucky so far that we have not had any medical or fire emergencies to deal with.

The California Sate Lands commission is supposed to be looking after the public trust where pretty much all submerged land is concerned. You will note the priority given to maritime use. Here are copies of the state lands policy and doctrine and Public Trust and The Modern Waterfront.

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