The USCGC Fir (WLM-212)

This is the official page of the retired US Coast Guard Cutter Fir (WLM-212). In its last days as a functioning buoy tender in the Pacific northwest it was known as "Mother Fir, queen of the fleet. The ship is owned by Curt Lind and is being restored and managed by Thomas Young. To contact either of us click here.

We are currently tied up at Pier 38 in San Francisco. The Port of SF is trying to force our departure. We believe we have a valid lease and want to stay. Despite the fact we have a court date in October they have turned off our water and power in their attempt to force an early departure. For more on this subject click here.

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The Fir, across the river from Rio Vista California May 3, 2008

The new PolyWatt open source web based PLC system currently under development with a first application as a web based control system for the historic USCGC Fir. The Fir is currently at pier 38 in San Francisco.

As a web and tablet based system it will not detract from ships aesthetics.

The current status of the Fir is:

  • Both generators are functional.
  • Both main drive engines, gearboxes and propulsion systems are functional.
  • Rudder and steering hydraulics are functional.
  • On board water system is functional.
  • Fuel and transfer system is functional.